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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  June 16, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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ffs a question raised right after the death of osama bin laden. who would take the place of the world's most wanted terrorist. there is a new number one. >> investigators are expected
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to return to a springfield home today where a woman was found dead after neighbors didn't see her for a few days. fox 5 morning news continues at 6:00. good morning. it is straight up 6:00 on this thursday, june 16th. taxing a live look outside. we look across the sky. looks very beautiful out there. good morning. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm allison seymour. steve is out this week. >> he is enjoying some time off. tucker was enjoying some time off. it is the season of vacation. >> it was nice being off too. >> will you tell me more about it in the commercial? >> yes, i'll tell you all about it, allison. we have showers in the vicinity. they're very light for the morning here. later today, maybe some showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast. after enjoying a beautiful one yesterday, some changes here
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for the next couple of days. we have a couple of possibilities. there is a live look at your hd radar. shower activity, fairly limited. it has been kind of hanging out here just to the south and west of the city. down towards 66, manassas, dale city. some of this might move through the bethesda, potomac region here. again, this will be very light, kind of sporadic shower activity here for the morning hours t will likely fill in a little later this afternoon as we have a cold front approaching from the west and that can spark off more numerous showers and thunderstorms. so bottom line here is much of the day will be dry. i think about between 8:00 and 4like today -- and 4:00 today, we should be dry. humidity, 68%. your winds out of the south at five miles per hour. forecast today, not quite as nice as yesterday. still not bad. highs in the upper 70s with the cloud cover around.
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showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast later today. culpeper, 76. manassas, 77 for the daytime high. >> let's see how the roadways are looking out there. let's check in with julie wright. >> good morning to you all. so far, so good. no incidents reported along 95 or 295. to help us check out that drive, the crew if sky fox with us again this morning as you continue southbound on the bw parkway working your way past powder hill road and continuing down towards the capital beltway. traffic volume flowing freely each way between d.c. and baltimore this morning. we'll continue now with our next camera and show you happening if you are traveling along southbound 270 working your way n we have a computer glitch no this reason. southbound 270 is in good shape. -- we have a computer glitch
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for some reason. you can park at the montgomery county fairgrounds for the u.s. open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. al-qaeda has a new leader. he is taking over following the death of osama bin laden. the terror network posted a statement on the internet saying bin laden's right hand man, ayman al-zawahiri. the white house says the preis in his constitutional right to direct the mission in libya on his own. some lawmakers have filed a lawsuit. they want a judge to issue an
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order suspending military operations in libya. police have arrested an assistant principal on child pornography charges. 29-year-old joshua myers has been suspended with out pay for greenville elementary in nokesville, virginia. police say he was caught in an online chat with an undercover agent and that he told the agent he had traveled to california to have sex with a child and had molested children ages nine to 14. court documents say he admitted to having images of child pornography on his school- issued laptop. a homicide investigation under way after police find a woman dead in her home in ving field, virginia. her body was discovered in a hem on sugar crook lane after police received several calls from concerned friends. police say the woman was in her 40s. no word yet on the cause of death. the body may have been there for a couple of days. >> i just learned that police officers were here yesterday about #:00 p.m. to do a welfare check on this
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exact same address. >> what happened? >> the officers got no response from the house. but in looking through the windows and looking around the house, they could find no reason to kick in the door at that time. >> sewers tell fox 5 the victim is canadian with dual citizenship and she was in the catering business. police in anne arundel county investigating the stabbing of a mother and her two daughters and say the girls' father is the suspect. the stabbing left all four seriously injured. father also suffered a stab wound but police haven't said whether it was self-inflicted. the 13-year-old called 911 saying her father stabbed her mom and her 20-year-old sister. the congressional delegation that represents the d.c. metro area met to discuss safety issues yesterday merely two years after a deadly accident on the red line. the metro general manager, richard sarles, told the
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delegation the transit agency is pushing forward to improve safety across the board. that includes better employee training, safety managers deplied to work in the field and new features including one that keeps trains from rolling backwards. >> soon after i became general manager last year, i heard from the ntsb that they were diseight-day forecast with metro's rate of progress addressing safety recommendations. i'm pleased to report that we have turned that around. >> other issues discussed, the recent crime attacks on metro, threats of terrorism and even that bomb scare situation that happened on monday. metro has asked local police for help as well. coming up next, congresswoman gabrielle giffords is back home. we'll have an update on where her recovery stands now and what still lies ahead for her. congress considering its next move in the scandal surrounding representative anthony wiener. we will tell what you could strip the troubled lawmaker of his political power even if he refuses to resign.
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making headlines at 6:10, lawmakers are expected to meet today on representative anthony weiner. lawmakers could today begin the pro spectator slowdown of take ago way his committee assignments. they may choose to call if a caucus vote next week on the matter of removing him from his seat. it is not the usual face you see on a mug shot. take a look. this is a picture snapped of former presidential candidate john edwards after he was charged with breaking campaign contribution laws. he is accused of spending nearly a million bucks to keep his mistress and their baby out of public view during the 2008 presidential campaign. edwards has pleaded not guilty. congresswoman gabrielle
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giffords is out of the hospital. she is staying at her husband's home in suburban houston. astronaut mark kelly lives near the johnson space center and giffords is still working on her ability to speak and walk and will have round the clock care. she will continue daily outpatient they werey and doctors say her move back home could help speed up had -- her recovery process. superdelegate sout find out why a man is sue a nail salon and why a judge is siding with him. we are taking a look outside. you can see the clouds there in the sky. we'll check in with tucker barnes coming up. 
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there are apparently a lot of people talking about this one a maryland man filed a lawsuit claiming sex discrimination. he is outraged that men are charged $1 more than women for a manicure at rich's nail salon in landover. he is asking for # hundred
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thousand in damages. a judge issued an injunk a gainst -- an injunction against the nail salon to charge the same price. >> tucker, are you in on that? >> not this time, no. i decided it was best to pass on this particular lawsuit. >> all right. well, the man wants to pay the same price. i understand that. >> i want to pay the same price for my try cleaning. >> how about that? >> when i had long are hair and it is curly naturally, they told me i had to pay more because curly hair. i left because i was like i'm not doing that. >> she took a stand. >> yes, i did. i showed them. >> you sure did. >> okay. i'll be interested to see had you that turns out for him. >> we'll wait and see. >> around here, we've got some rain and maybe some thunderstorms in the forecast. not so much this morning.
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maybe a sprinkle or two this morning but really later on this afternoon and then tonight. >> bad for golf, isn't it? >> yeah but it will be hit and miss. some thunder thursday and friday. the showers and thunderstorms will linger into the day tomorrow. if you have plans to go out to the tournament later today or tomorrow be be prepared for the possibility of some showers and thunderstorms again breaking out around here later today and then again tomorrow. let's do temperatures. it is nice and mild out there. not bad at all. 69 right now at reagan national n southern maryland, 61. in leonardtown, 65 now in annapolis. we have got some 50s on the map. 57 currently in frederick. not a bad start at all here. temperatures this afternoon will be in the comfortable range. i think our highs will only be
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in the upper 70s. yesterday with the sunshine, we topped out in the low to mid- 80s. even a little cooler today with the cloud cover. the cloud cover is not too thick out there at the moment. we have a little sunshine breaking through and a few light sprinkles and showers. there you go. just making their way towards the immediate washington area as we speak. so it is possible they will be moving across potomac and bethesda over the next hour or so. we have a frontal system approaching from the west. you can see the first line of showers and thunderstorms starting to break out along that. when that front gets in here latter today, we'll see more showers and thunderstorms fire up. we'll get a break. a few showers this morning, maybe a sprinkle. future forecast, mentioned the clouds. showers and thunderstorms likely later today. winds out of the south at about five to 10 miles per hour. showers and thunderstorms linger into the evening hours and then mostly cloudy after
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midnight. 66 the overnight low. there are your wind out of the south at five to 10. the all-important weekend forecast. starting with tomorrow, some shores showers and thunderstorms. saturday looks dry, upper 80s. more humid as well. sunday, summery, 87. could be an isolated thunderstorm. let's do some on-time traffic with julie wright. what's up? >> we had mentioned this earlier this morning and tony did as well. it was a fatal crash, a motorcycle accident which occurred out in annapolis around 1:00 this morning. unfortunately, two people suffered fatal injuries and sky fox over the scene right now out at the naval academy which is where this took place. a portion of king george remains closed off between college drive and baltimore until further notice. there is an ongoing investigation at this point. 50 remains open. 450 is open. it is just this portion of king george which remains closed between basically college drive until if you are this notice.
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this will not affect our major arteries out and through annapolis. we'll take it back inside. we'll update the ride elsewhere. 270 in good shape. no incidents germantown headed out to the lane divide. out towards congressional, there is shuttle bus service available for you from the montgomery county fairgrounds. do make note of that. in virginia, the lanes are open as you work your way northbound i-95 leaving dale city headed up to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. it is hard to imagine washington without it. reagan national turned 07 today. airport opened on this day in 1941. it served 344,000 passengers that year. today, more than 18 million people fly in and out of reagan each year. if you drive to work, today is a good reason to try something new. it is national dump the pump day.
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it is meant to promote public transportation as a way to help people save money and ease traffic congestion a recent report says by downsizing to just one car, a two-person family could save more than $10,000 a year. >> that is a lot of money. coming up, the business beat, talking money. when it comes to winning people over, saying things the rye way is key. >> it is a tactic that apple puts into practice morning you might think. we'll tell you what word the company has unofficially banned. 
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welcome back. it is one of the most recognizable brands in the world an one of apple's keys to success may be in saying just the right thing. we'll have more on that coming up in just a minute. let's take a look at the market. lauren simonetti with fox business network live in new york with the business sweet.
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good morning. >> good morning, sarah. >> so we are in what is called the june swoon. anything uplifting today? >> no. not at all. you know what? we are into the 17th day of june and we've had three trading days where 90% of the volume has been to the down sued. stocks are off by nearly 6% so far this month. the nasdaq has turned negative for the year and the s&p 500 is only higher by 1% this year so all of those gains that we talked about in the first half are kind of falling out right now. we have more declines for the dow futures this morning. they are off by 24 points. we have the issues going on in greece with the debt crisis there and the government looking to reshuffle the people
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there. >> the secret behind apple's success, somewhat of its secret all in a word? >> well, you know, we all go into apple. whether you like it or not, you have to say the people are friendly, it poufs fretty fast. the records all work when you play with them. one of the things that am teaches its employees is they should not say the word unfortunately. there is a ban on the word unfortunately and they are suggested to replace it with as it turns out. so pay attention to that next time you are in apple. you won't hear unfortunately. as it turns out. there is a lot of tardiness issues. if you are late by six minutes, i don't know why it is six minutes, three times in six months, you're done. >> you are done. you're out. >> i'm usually about five or six minutes late. let's not tell anybody about that. we'll check in with you tomorrow. appreciate it. there is no denying it. traffic around here really does
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just kind of stink. add thousands of golf fans to the nix and you have got another have -- to the mix and you have got another mess. what police aring to. -- what police are doing. c
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> an angry mob in vancouver went on over the rampage after the canucks lost game seven to boston. they set cars and garbage conditions on fire. boston police made several arrests following the win but for the most part, there were very few incidents. this is boston's first nhl title since 1972. >> you would never see that
6:31 am
here mainly because we have won. >> none of our teams make it to the championships. >> that is sad. sorry. >> that was a good series here. >> seven games. exciting. >> unfortunate it ends that way. >> you don't think about that happening in vancouver. >> people love life out there, right? >> i know. they're kind of relaxed. >> sports people. >> speaking of sports, we have some sports big time sports. world sports right around the corner here and we have light showers trying to make their way towards the golf course. don't be too alarmed here. this will be out of here quickly. we have showers crossing 66 pushing up towards reston. i think there will be a few light sprinkles, maybe a light shower into bethesda before long. we have the possibility of more thunderstorms later this afternoon. let's push on for the last time this year.
6:32 am
>> a round of applause to all the kids. >> all the kids -- >> my kids' last day today. >> all the kids. >> mostly cloudy. could be a shower. as you head out to the bus stop, there you go. 65 to 70. it will be nice and mild. we've had tinted windows on the bus all year long. mostly cloudy. showers and thunderstorms, best chance will be later this afternoon. high temperatures, relatively cool at 79. a little cooler than yesterday. >> thank you. let's check in with julie wright with mother on traffic. >> we still are having some compute are problems over here on this end. you will find lanes are open if you are continuing your trip along southbound 270 coming in out of germantown headed two the lane divide. traffic leaving 109 is at speed. no incidents to report headed
6:33 am
down into clarksburg. an easy commute leaving 118 headed past mva. plenty of parking still available for you at the montgomery county fairgrounds and crown field off of field road. no incident reported on the beltway between college park and bethesda. northbound i-95 main mind still looking pretty good leaving the prince william parkway headed for the occoquan. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> all right. our big story today, a disturbing discovery in springfield, virginia. police found a woman dead inside of her home. >> still a whole lot of questions surrounding this one. fox 5's sherry ly is live outside of the home in springfield with more details now. >> good morning. police right now still keeping watch on this home until they can get a search warrant and go back inside to gather the evidence in this case. officers found this woman who was apparently in her 40s inside the home dead possibly for days. they went to the home on sugar creek lane yesterday around
6:34 am
2:00 to check on the woman after a friend called, concerned. neighbors say she is a canadian with dual citizenship. officers knocked on the door. when they got no answer, police kicked it in forcing their way inside. the women would police have not identified was dead and it is being treated as a homicide. >> the details weren't shared with me butt officers saw something that suggested to them this was in the a natural death and so that is what caused them to secure the scene and to back out. >> reporter: this is actually the second time that police came to the town house to check on the woman. the night before her body was found, they came out here because a friend had called also concerned. they knocked on the door, got no answer. they checked around the house. they looked inside the windows but saw no reason to go inside. it wasn't until they got that second call yesterday that they decided to investigate further.
6:35 am
back to you. >> thank you. a look now at the morning's other top stories. al-qaeda names its successor to osama bin laden. it has been morning a month sainz since osama bin laden was killed. ayman al-zawahiri was his number two and now he has a $25 million boundy on his head. police have arrested an assistant principal on child pornography charges. 29-year-old joshua myers has been suspended without pay from greenville element in nokesville, virginia. he told an agent he had traveled to california to have sex with a child and had molested children ages nine to 14. court documents say he admitted to having images of child pornography on his school- issued laptop. next week marks two years since the deadliest accident in metro's history. nine people were killed when
6:36 am
two trains collided on the metro red line. yesterday, richard sarles told the congressional delegation that metro now has better employee training. safety managers are deplied to work in the field and they have new features including one to keep trains from rolling backwards. metro is working with local police to deal with crime. coming up, haven't gotten a smart phone just yet. now might be a good time to do that. we'll tell you about one. the latest to hit the market get a peek at all the bells and whistles you will find on windows phone 7. '
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. >> it is time for weather once again. >> it is. and i'm going to do it again even better this time. >> don't worry about that. >> we missed you. >> we've got some rain showers not too far away. we'll start with a look at our radar. i will show you the light
6:40 am
shower activity that is currently tracking towards, trump roll, please >> right for us? >> right for us. right for bethesda, right for potomac. >> right up river road. >> right up river road. these showers aren't going to amount to much. they will continue to progress very slowly off to the north and east. you can see the shower activity across 66. might be a shower or two on the southern eyed of 95 here in virginia and southern maryland, la plata, down towards leonardtown. you get the idea. this is actually the leading edge of some warmer, more humid air moving on through today. if you had a chance to get outdoors this morning, you probably noticed a lot more cloud cover. better chance but really honestly the best lance for any shower or thunderstorm activity will be later this afternoon as we see a frontal system approaching from the west. let's do temperatures. let's do some good news. these temperatures not bad at
6:41 am
all for this time of year. 69 in quantico. manassas, temperature for you you, 61 degrees. highs later today, only in the upper 70s. that won't be too bad. here is your few if you are cast and put it in motion for you, 4:00 this afternoon. you can see the sporadic nature of the shower and thunderstorm ask at this time. a decent chance we'll see some in the forecast later today. it becomes a little more widespread by 9:00, 10:00 tonight. it is a frontal system that will be pushing through. best chance really in the past couple of days that we'll see some showers and thunderstorms today. they will return again tomorrow. here we are tomorrow at 6:00. we'll see if we don't see some more showers and thunderstorms fire up out there. i think much of the day should be dry for you but the showers and thunderstorms will return later today. 79 your daytime high. plenty of clouds.
6:42 am
this actually likely. 60 to 70% chance we'll see them. mostly cloudy overnight. your overnight low, 66 degrees. there is your five-day forecast. i know everybody is interested in the weekend. saturday looks dry, hot, maybe a little huge its oud there with highs in the upper 80s. sunday, a repeat performance with an isolated thunderstorm and we'll do it all over again on monday. certainly a summertime air pattern will establish itself this weekend but it should be decent around here and dry much of the weekend. >> you know what time ?ts. >> it is a little early but it is time for ask the weather guy. the segment where tony perkins and i put our heads together to we are your most pressing questions, weather-related or otherwise. >> where is tony into. >> towny is not going to make it today. >> he abandoned you today in. >> he did. this question was too much for him.
6:43 am
we have another video submission today. this one is from a 7-year-old anna romani. here is anna's question. >> i'm anna romani from mclean, virginia and i have a question for the weather guy. how come, in florida, there is nice, clear, ocean water and it is good for snorkeling but in places like virginia beach and north carolina along the -- and places along the east coast have murky water and it is not good for snorkeling? >> that is a great question. i love the video sub migs. i want to work on getting her just a little bit more in the picture. here is the bottom line. drum roll, please. your answer is right here. right there. there he is. >> plankton. >> it is all about plankton.
6:44 am
the finest character on spongebob. is a maddening character. the bottom line is this. it is all about water temperature. i'm really simplifying things here. water temperature being nutrients, being plankton and a lot of life and what happens is the currents, the process is called upwelling where the currents grab nutrients from the surface floor, the ocean surface, the bottom and bring them upward. >> that makes it cloudier. >> that makes it cloudier. >> more brackish. >> it brings up parts of the earth so you get a more mad -- a more murky look. in florida, the water is warm at the surface but it is cold as you get farther down. that causes a condition where we don't get much upwelling or
6:45 am
that institute aren't mix and therefore, you don't see the sort of cloudy conditions. the sun's rays are able to get farther down into the surface beneath the surface of the water. >> so more life, the murkier. the clearer, less life. >> a little counter intuitive. >> not bad actually. >> not bad at all. >> it doesn't mean it is dangerous. >> no, no, no. i have to hurry this along. but the institute rents play an incredibly important role in providing life to all the -- but the nutrients play an incredibly important role in providing life to all the ocean. if you have a question, go to and click on the weather tab. let's check in with julie wright. don't you love that music? >> i did. i was you sitting here dancing during the whole thing. on the roads, you will find
6:46 am
lanes are open on the top stretch of the roadway between college park and bethesda. we are headed west. lanes are open, easy drive so far south on 95 at 295 coming in out of laurel. northbound 95 in virginia. slow going past woodbridge up to the springfield interchange so allow bay good 25 to 30 minute commute on northbound 95 in virginia. lanes are open coming inbound along 66 leaving business 34 in manassas. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. on any given day, traffic around here is pretty bad ysm so say the least. when you add several thousand people into the mix, things get even worse. just ask anyone around congressional country club and our dave ross is there for the first day of the u.s. open to talk traffic. >> good morning, dave. >> good morning. talking about people.
6:47 am
how about 50,000 people. that is how many people are expected to be here today and every day for the next four days at congressional country club. so how in the world is the traffic going to be okay this weekend? well, to help talk about that is captain thomas didone of the montgomery county police. thank you so much for joining us today. we talked about this, 50,000 people a day. how are we going to try to keep these things as schism as possible. >> lots of planning and lots of shuttle buses we have over 108 shuttle buss that have complete row degrees. they are air conditioned and they're convenient. they will drop you off so you can get immediate access. >> you mentioned to me about the shuttle buses and the poshts of getting on the same one that gets you here to get you back. >> it is truly critical. we have so many different locations. you have to make sure you match up where you got off is where you get back on. >> i guess the key message is
6:48 am
be patient. we know it will be -- it is gridlock normally anyway but when you add 50,000 people a day, have some patience with the whole thing. >> we have a good traffic plan. we have plenty of traffic officers out there. but you have to expect that there will be delays. please use the shuttles. the shuttles are key. they will get you in and out faster than trying to find a place to park down here. once you're down here, the idea is to just enjoy the park and realize when you get home, the shuttles will take you there. >> so far this week leading into today, but no real problems leading up to today, correct? >> we had some back-ups on river road earlier because of the beltway. but we were able to work through that. we are on top of it. everything that we can plan for, we have a plan and we have experienced people out on the roads to make the changes as needed. >> can you enjoy any of the golf? >> not as much as i would like to. but this is the super bowl of golf and we're proud to have it
6:49 am
here. >> give me a winner this week. >> i got to stick with my terrapin, fred funk. >> thank you for helping out with the traffic. we do appreciate it. >> thank you. it should be a great week out here. well, don't have a smart phone yet. or maybe it is time if a new one perhaps. >> there are plenty of choices out there. one, you might not be as familiar with is the windows phone seven. lauren demarco takes a close look at what it has to offer. >> reporter: there are windows 7 phones out there and in to talk more about that today is dave wolf with synergy. good morning to you. we want to auction about the windows 7 phone for many who
6:50 am
may not be familiar. here in the cent are is yours. >> is in the samsung focus. we can jump right into some of the things that are different about the windows phone versus the iphone. >> the tiles is what you were talking about. >> you have a lot of tiles. some of them we'll see in the people hub. moving around and changing. we can see how many e-mails i have and texts and things. this is the idea that microsoft had that rather than having to go into appear indications, what if i could learn a lot just by glancing at them. on the microsoft phone, they have this idea of hubs. there is a media hub and a game hub and a people hub, et cetera. in the people hub, it is an interesting combination between not just your listing of all of your contacts but also what is new. so you actually get your facebook stream automatically right next to the people. they have a few of them.
6:51 am
you have the people hub. they have xbox live for gaming. >> with all of this, you have me thinking about the battery because my phone, the battery drains. what is the deal with the battery here. about how many hours can you get? >> i'll get on an average day of really using this phone, 20, 4 hours of real-time use. >> let's turn on the iphone. how long about does an if own get in comparison? >> i would say that my experience was that i got three, four, five hours on my iphone. there is another big difference. not just as i'm finding three or four times longer battery out of gate but the battery is replaceable so can i pick this up being take the back off and stick another battery in had means i can buy a second battery and carry that thing around. >> that is very cool. let's talk bay little compare and contrast -- let's talk about a little compare and contrast.
6:52 am
with the android, there are a lot of apps. but they are a lot less regulated. what is the deal there? >> the iphone market is a heavily governed marketplace. apple and iphone review every app that goes up. on the android, there are marketplace and they are not as well governed. a dozen or so appear indications had to be yanked off the phones because they were actually viruses or malware. the microsoft marketplace is also a governed marketplace just like the apple one. for instance, when we as developers do our work, we submit it to the marketplace. they review it and approve it and mace it out there. the negative of that is there are a lot less right now on the microsoft marketplace. the marketplace has been open for about six months. i think there are about 15,000 appear indications and they include a lot of things you are looking for like yelp and e-bay
6:53 am
and facebook. and the biggest names for people interested in windows phone 7 is angry burdz. june29th, they will have angry birds. it will be part of this xbox hub which lets you do interesting thing like not only bring your avatar and other things but pointed points you earn here are points and chip can you use on your xbox when you get home. >> all of that news you just had about the cloud computing, that kind of is already happening with the windows phone? >> a lot of the apps i think you saw at wwdc, some were playing catch-up with the kind of things we're seeing here. in the office hub, i can ciscoe sync all of my things. >> if you are shopping for a new phone, don't forget about
6:54 am
the windows phone. back to you guys. >> and pc magazine's reader's choice awards, the windows 7 samsung focus recently beat out the five own four. >> verizon and t-mobile also carry windows seven devices. can you head to and look to the morning opinion for the smart phone zone. >> we are getting all dolled up this morning. there is a new store opening at tysons corner center but it is not just an old shop. holiday yes giving us a sneak peek at the new american girl store. >> very girlie, very pink. sa
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good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. and you know we live in the nation's capital, awesome city and we have everything. well, almost. until saturday, that is. i think we can now say we officially have it all as this is the newest home to an
6:58 am
american girl store. we are live at tysons corner center where the new store is set to open this saturday. 23,000 square feet and two floors and you know this is not just a retail experience. this is an experience in and of itself. n experts this morning to help check it out. just to make sure it's up to par. some of the things we'll see this morning, we'll go to the doll salon and get our doll's hair done. we'll check out the bistro and have breakfast. and then we'll check out a thing called creativities, where you can make a shirt for you and your doll. i think they're speechless this morning. and while d.c. is just now getting it's first american doll store, they've been around for 25 years. and in that time, they have sold 20 million dolls. and it's not just about having a doll, it's about empowering young girls and we'll talk
6:59 am
about that. girl power, where did all of my girls go? i think they are shopping. it will be a fun morning. >> they look very excited, i can tell in their faces. thank you, holly. we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. it is emily mink. and holly, this is your fan that you met yesterday and she said you were very nice. so if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day, find us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news, and post a comment under emily's photo. that does it for the 6:00 hour. now let's send it over to allison and tony. good morning. >> good morning, sarah, thank you so much. coming up on fox 5 morning news, there is a new leader for al-qaeda. the organization naming a replacement for osama bin laden. and a woman found dead inside her fairfax county home. an investigation is now underway. today investigators are expected to return to t


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